Training Philosophy

I train without pain.  I train without fear.  I train without intimidation.
I teach my dogs the behaviors I prefer instead of punishing the behaviors they prefer.
I am positive but not permissive.
I pay attention to what my dogs like and dislike and use this information, along with the dog’s environment, to control rewards and punishments.  I encourage and teach the behaviors I want while simultaneously preventing, avoiding and discouraging the behaviors I don’t want.
I use food, play, toys and real life rewards to train and maintain behaviors.
I set my dogs up to succeed so that I can reward.
I don’t command my dogs. I request compliance and strive to make it worth their while.
I use the science of learning theory and my larger cerebral cortex to solve behavior issues.  I utilize the many positive options available and avoid aversives.
I strive to eliminate as much positive punishment (adding something the dog doesn’t like in order to suppress a behavior) as possible. I am not perfect and I try each day to come up with creative solutions using positive reinforcement and the other quadrants of operant conditioning, if necessary. I do this because I understand that positive punishment is too often stressful, unreliable and short-lived.  Worst of all, it can have unexpected and undesirable side effects and damage the delicate psyche of a puppy.
YOUR dogs are MY dogs and I LOVE ALL MY DOGS!
   I also believe….
There Are NO Bad Puppies!
There Are NO Bad Dogs – Only Untrained Dogs
Walking Your Dog is the Key to Physical and Mental Health (Yours and His) as Well as the Bridge to Bonding
Fetch – More Than Just a Game
Dog Training Can and Should Be FUN!
   My training methods include..
Clicker Training – Clickers = Clarity
Positive Reinforcement
Gentle, No-Force Methods such as Shaping, Capturing and Food Luring
NO Choke Chains, NO Pinch Collars and NO E-Collars!
Exercise, Exercise, Exercise – A tired dog is a GOOD Dog!
Once you experience professional, positive dog training, you will wonder why you waited until now.
I look forward to working with you and your dog.