Dear Helen,

I can’t thank you enough for all your help with guiding me in how to care for Bailey. Being a first time mom to a pup – having gotten him at only 9 weeks old – I was extremely overwhelmed! You came in, and instantly put me at ease.
You have showed so much patience and care, that it truly touches me. It is so evident in the way that you give your time, it is not just a job to you – but a passion. I want to thank you for sharing your passion and expertise and look forward to learning all we can with you. I would highly recommend Smarty Paws to anyone looking for a trainer!!

Below is an Email a client sent to all her friends and cc’d to me – Thanx for spreading the word, Lorrie!
From: Lorrie
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 12:06 AM
To:  Undisclosed Recipients; hdelbove@verizon.net
Subject: re: Dog training
As  u may know a couple of months ago we adopted a puppy from a rescue.  She is the best little Cockapoo we could ask for.  We decided to hire a trainer to work with us to train her for basic commands off leash for the dog park etc.  We found a great dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement unlike some who use shock collars, punishment etc.  U can go to her or she will come to u. We were recommended by a neighbor who also loves her. If anyone needs a trainer this is her even if you don’t please pass on this e-mail.  She also provides doggie day care and overnight care in her home. Check out her web site Smarty Paws.

From: Barbara 
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2011 9:48 AM
To: hdelbove@verizon.net
Subject: Regarding Graduation Sunday
Hi Helen,
Unfortunately Katie won’t be able to make Graduation this Sunday…
So, hope you have a good day on Sunday . . . and thanks for offering to include Katie.
She’s doing real well, and we’re grateful for your instruction that has helped her.  She will now wait on a corner when I’m walking her and then tell her “wait.”  She will sit on command…she will come to me…and my favorite command has become “leave it!”  She will drop a chicken bone if I say leave it.  It’s amazing!  But she is so “programmed,” because of the learning process — the conditioning you taught — that she just immediately turns away from whatever wonderful thing she’s investigating…even without me giving her a reward!
So thanks again, Helen…we’ll want to continue Katie’s education with you, but for now we’re all taking a little hiatus.
Best regards,
Barbara and Katie

From: Paul
Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2011 7:46 PM
To: Smarty Helen
Absolutely incredible! Otis made a few friends today. We owe this all to you.  He is still having some trouble with bigger dogs but now does great with the small dogs.
From: Paul
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2011 10:39 AM
To: Smarty Helen
Subject: Re: RE:
Hi Helen,

Otis has become friendly with all the people in my development which he used to trigger and is even friendly with strangers!

Mark Edwards – March 1, 2011
Last year, I had the good fortune to have Helen help me with training my Labradoodle….. Charlie. She was straightforward and patient and showed a gift for
dealing with dogs. Best of all, she was not a “clock-watcher”……her sessions often exceeded the amount of time I paid her for and Charlie and I sure benefitted
from the extra instruction. Anyone seeking competent, caring dog-training would do well to retain her for that task!
Vera Stanton – March 1, 2011
Helen is a great trainer – patient, caring and kind. She understands dogs and they respond amazingly to her. Forget that other guy – Helen is the real dog whisperer!! She’s great with us humans too – she explains everything very clearly and makes sure you know what to do when she leaves. I highly recommend Smarty Paws Dog Training by Helen Del Bove!”

Best decision I ever made!
(5 stars)
”Helen DelBove’s Training style is wonderful. She was so patient with me and my Pug, Spanky. I was nervous about bringing Spanky to Basic Obedience group class because he would become anxious around other dogs, but my fears quickly vanished under Helen’s guidance. The classes were so beneficial for us both. Spanky is now a pleasure to walk, he’s totally socialized! Thank you Helen. – Alice Parker & Spanky”
Alice Parker of Mineola, NY on February 23, 2011

Excellent Trainer!
(5 stars)
”I enrolled my Boxer “Dakota” in Basic Obedience class and the change in her behavior is amazing. We will definitely be signing up for Beyond Basics class. Helen you are a miracle worker!”
Joe Mateo of Garden City, NY on February 23, 2011

* Debra – January 28, 2011
My Scottish Terrier, Macduff, and I have participated in all of Smarty Paws group classes from basic to advanced and have had the best experiences learning together. Helen Del Bove is a wonderful trainer who has taught us so much and Macduff is now an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen as a result . Helen’s commitment and dedication to her clients and their dogs make her a great trainer and makes working with her a very successful training experience.

* Maryellen – January 27, 2011
I have two dogs. Both took the “Basics” and the “Beyond the Basics” classes. Not only my dogs, but all the dogs did great. My Phoebe even passed her Canine Good Citizen test. Helen is great!

Bill – January 26, 2011
helen was an absolute joy to have around training my berner. when she arrived my dog couldn’t wait to start training. helen was patient, kind and animated. chloe learned so fast it truly was amazing. i recommend her without any reservation. best thing you can do for you and for your dog.even better my kids had a great time watching her interact with chloe.

From: debra
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2010 6:18 PM
To: hdelbove@verizon.net
Subject: Re: Pics of Bliss

Helen, thank you so much for the pictures, the great obedience classes and the advice about Bliss.  You truly are a miracle worker.  Jon & I would like to take the next set of classes when given, so keep us in mind.
Be well & please keep in touch!

From: carolyn 
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2010 11:20 AM
To: hdelbove@verizon.net
Thank you so much for everything.  Lovie and I learned a great deal and have been busy practicing.  I would love to sign up for the Better Basics class…  If you open another class…, please let me know.  Thank you so much.

From: Jacqueline 
Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2010 12:47 AM
To: hdelbove@optonline.net
Hi, Helen, just want to thank you for your help with Fruzsi during the group class. I see major changes in her all in all behavior, she is so much calmer and pays much more attention to me. Before the class she was a silly girl who knew some “stuff” that I had taught her in my amateur way but now I really enjoy her company, I can take her anywhere with me, street fares, NYC restaurants etc. I enjoyed  working with you and looking forward to learning so much more from you! Thanks, Jacqueline and Fruzsi

name of dog: Jack

Just wanted to say that your dog sitting service is wonderful.  I
feel less guilty about leaving Jack when I know that he is getting such
loving care at your house and will have fun with his canine friends.
Hildy Herzfeld
*Thanx, Hildy!  Jack is a little sweetie and we love having him visit.*

From: Mary Ann
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2010 10:15 AM
To: Helen DelBove
Subject: Mia
Hi Helen,
When I got home last night I continued to practice the down position with Mia.  She and I did very well together.  I want to thank you for all your help with training Mia it’s getting a little easier each day for me, and she is doing a little better every day.
Thank you,
Mary Ann & Mia

Hi Helen!

Thank you for another wonderful session with Kerriboo. She’s learning, as I am, so much from you. I look forward to your puppy classes!

After I got home from taking [my niece] to school I stopped by my in-laws … I walked Kerriboo out back and she peed! And now that we’re home, I’ve been setting the timer for 30 minutes and both times that I’ve taken her out she’s peed again! Hallelujah! The timer just went off again, but she’s sound asleep. I think I’ll leave her alone for now. :)

Have a good night, Helen.

~ Barb

From: Jennifer 
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 9:08 AM 
To: Helen Del Bove
Subject: Re: How is Brodie’s Behavior?

We have been doing well, thanks for asking and checking in! Brodie is coming along well, I think.
We definitely see an improvement from how he was prior to your training and advice. He will occassionally
sneak up on to the furniture when he thinks we aren’t paying attention but it is definitely not frequent
and we only have to tell him to get down, not drag him off. We are still working on getting him to realize
the door is not under his control and we use the “back” command and he seems to get it. He no longer attacks the windows when he hears something outside either. The mailman is still a problem though, but he does seem to calm down more quickly. Overall, we are very pleased with his improvements, even if there are small transgressions and we have to keep enforcing them. I know it will be worth it and it already is. Don’t worry, we will be sure to call if we have any questions or new issues!! Thanks for all of your help, it really has made a difference.


(Below are 2 emails I recieved from a group class participant.)
From: Emily 
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 11:48 AM
To: Helen Del Bove
Subject: Sugarless Gum and Dogs
Below is an article that a friend sent me…
 Molly is doing fabulous! I have been working with her to go over the things that you taught us in class and she has even come a long way with her loose leash walking.  I have purchased a new harness for her and to my surprise her walking improved significantly.
 Hope all is well, thanks for all your help.
[article omitted]
From: Emily 
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 1:38 PM
To: Helen Del Bove
Subject: Re: Sugarless Gum and Dogs
… the class was great and I hope to enroll in future classes as they come along.  I am very interested in getting her involved at nursing homes, hospitals, and such.  I know that we have a long way to go before we get there, but hopefully you’re expertise will allow us to someday do that.
Please let me know as additional classes become available.

Rosanne adopted Brady from a shelter when he was 9 months.  He was not adequately socialized and as such is a fearful & insecure dog who reacts badly to strangers in his home.  I worked with Rosanne and Brady and he was improving dramatically.  Rosanne has been on her own with Brady’s rehabilitation for a few weeks so I checked in with her and asked for a progress report.  She sent me the following email (printed with Rosanne’s permission and personal information omitted).
—–Original Message—–
From: Rosanne
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2008 4:15 PM
To: ‘Helen Del Bove’
Subject: RE: Brady
I’m hoping to attend group class this Sunday.  I went to the park early Monday morning.  We met a beautiful Dalmation by the name of “Oz”.  Because it was their first meeting, they played through the fence.  Brady was in awe of another dog willing to play and was totally up for it.
Last Monday evening … had an unexpected visitor around 10:30 pm … she was deathly afraid of dogs and Brady reacted as we expected he would.  Last night on the other hand … had another unexpected visitor who was a complete dog lover and he was just ready to get down and play.  Overall, I’d say he’s doing quite well.
Please feel free to use me as a reference whenever you need to.  In my book – you are definitely 
the best!

Gale is an experienced dog owner/handler but she was having some trouble with Bobber’s “Recall”.  She contacted me and I gave her some “Recall” tips and new techniques to try with Bobber. After working on the new techniques with Bobber, she sent me the following email (printed with Gale’s permission).
From: Gale
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 7:59 PM
To: ‘Helen Del Bove’
Subject: RE: Bobber
Hi Helen ….  We have not been using a whistle (haven’t had time to go to the store.. hectic life)  BUT, we have been using the “Come Here” [technique] and … it is certainly working.  Also the “YooHoo” game is a huge success!!! … I really think that is the biggest success we have…  even though we won’t walk him without a leash just yet, we will feel confident that if we yell “yoo-hoo” he would come running.  One step at a time…. I will keep you informed of our accomplishments with him.  He really is a great dog.  Another thing we are going to do is get him involved in the “Air Dogs” competition… Talk with you soon.   Gale

January 15, 2008
Dear Helen,
Congratulations on your new website – it looks wonderful!
Even though Leo is long gone, I wanted to take the time to write this testimonial for your website because I can’t imagine a better trainer than you.
Leo was such a wonderful pet, largely due to your socialization and training program.  At the time, I never knew that a dog could learn so much and be so obedient.  Imagine my pride when my husband walked down the street with Leo by his side with no leash.  I know you don’t recommend going off leash in the city but he was so well trained, we just couldn’t resist.
If I ever get another dog, you will be the first person I call.
Rose Stanton

July 10, 2007
Dear Helen,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.  My family and I are forever grateful to you for helping Roxy overcome her dog aggression.  We honestly didn’t think it would be possible but you proved us wrong…and it only took one afternoon!
When Roxy was just under a year old, we took her to a trainer we saw on a program called “Family Pet” on Channel 12.  Feeling very confident that we were getting the best help possible, we went to our training session full of hope and enthusiasm.  Well, at the beginning of our second session, the trainer told us Roxy was no longer welcome at the sessions due to her excessive barking and aggressive behavior towards the other dogs.  Needless to say, we were devastated. We thought what chance do we have if a well-known dog trainer has just kicked us out of her class?
I can’t tell you enough just how much we appreciate your help.  Granted, we were reluctant to try again after our first experience, but we are certainly glad we gave you a try!  I will gladly refer you to all of my friends and family.
Thanks so much!
Theresa Agnello
July 15, 2007
Dear Theresa,
Thank you so much for your kind words and vote of confidence.  I’m so glad I was able to show you that Roxy can be calm around other dogs.
Please remember, although we made wonderful progress with Roxy that afternoon, you must continue with the program or she will slip.  For Roxy to become truly non-reactive, you must consistently work the program with her.
I wish you much success and feel free to contact me should you run into any stumbling blocks along the way.
Happy Tails,
Helen Del Bove

Hi Helen,
We wanted to thank you for all your help in showing our mom just what we could do.  We always knew we were good dogs and now Mommy knows it too.
Thank you for making our training so easy and so much fun.  We’re going to tell all our friends about you!
Don’t forget to come visit us soon – we miss you!
Love and Lots of Licks,
Kibbles & Sam
PS…  Don’t tell Mommy we used her computer – AGAIN!  lol