Private Lessons

Smarty Paws offers the following in Private Training Services:

Remote lessons and phone consultations are also available.

Contact us for details.
Basic Manners
Learning Theory & Introduction to Clicker; Basic Cues:  Focus, Sit, Down, Stay/Wait, Come, Leave It/Drop It, Loose Leash Walking

Advanced Manners
Adding Distractions & Distance to Basic Cues; Advanced Cues:  Heel, Go To, Bring, Off-Leash Behaviors, Out-of-Sight Stays & Recalls and More

Real World Training – “Pooches in Public” 
Work with your dog in a public setting: Entering & Exiting buildings/cars/elevators, Walking in Crowds, Stopping at Curbs and More

AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification Preparation & Testing

Speak, Shake, Play Dead, Roll Over, Crawl and More

Behavior Modification & Problem Solving
Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Digging, Housebreaking, Jumping, Leash Pulling, Nipping, Resource Guarding, Unruly Behavior

New Puppy Consultations – Before and/or after you get your puppy
Assistance in Choosing the Right Dog for You; Preparing for Your New Puppy – Make Your Home Safe For and FROM Your Puppy; In-Depth Guidance for Proper Socialization; Instruction for AVOIDING Problem Behaviors

Introducing New Baby to Puppy Consultations


New Puppy Consultation

Get it Right from the Start!
Everything you need to know about raising your new puppy.  This consultation is especially recommended for first-time puppy parents.
3 Hours/ $300

Manners Lessons
Private lessons are 60 minutes

Private Lessons In and Around Your Home:  $120/lesson

Private Lessons at Smarty Paws:  $90/lesson
Lessons at Smarty Paws are conducted outdoors, weather permitting

All Manners Lessons and New Puppy Consultations include written follow-up notes and training guides.

Different Rates Apply for Training Aggressive Dogs
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