I want you and your dog to enjoy many happy years together.  The relationship we humans can achieve with our dogs is one that consists of companionship, connection, affection and devotion.  The bond we can develop with our dogs is rewarding and unique and cannot be found elsewhere.  Our lives are immeasurably enriched, broadened and deepened.

The key to achieving this relationship is the ability to understand and communicate clearly with our dogs.  A disconnect in communication often results in behavior problems.  When we cannot communicate desirable and undesirable behavior to our dogs, frustration occurs in both the human and the dog.  That frustration prevents that wonderful bond and destroys our ability to peacefully coexist.  Each year, more dogs are surrendered, abandoned and put down because of behavior problems than for any other reason.
The true heartbreak of these relationships gone awry is that, often, through proper communication and training, they could have been transformed into the harmonious and enriching relationships that were originally sought.
My mission is to help prevent these sad situations from occurring and to help create that special bond between humans and their dogs.  Along with a natural intuition and ability, I have devoted myself to the study of canine learning theory and the techniques most effective in attaining true communication with our dogs.
In addition to training, as well as preventing and resolving behavior problems in your dog, I also help you to attain the ability of understanding and communicating with your dog.  All clients are active participants in the training process and are taught how to effectively communicate with their dogs and are very much involved in the training of their dog.  With the ability to effectively communicate with your dog, the foundation is laid for the path to attaining that truly deep and special bond between you and your dog.
Through training, we can unlock your dog’s true potential.